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quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

AudioCubes by Percussa

Touring the social network Linkedin, I had the pleasure of discovering the latest technology for those who enjoy exploring the music production world. Obviously, it is intended for people who like to challenge their creativity :) Take a look!

The information below was borrowed from

"The AudioCubes are a platform for audio-visual creation and exploration.

What are they?
They are a collection of beautifully designed and hand-made objects, each containing its own self-powered wireless computer system.The objects are intelligent and can detect and interact with each other, with humans and computer software, providing visual feedback at the same time.They come with software that lets you create and explore sound, music and visuals through hands-on interaction,whether it be in the studio, in live performances or in art installations.

How do they work?
Each AudioCube is identical. You connect them with a USB cable to your computer, one after the other, and assign a colour and behaviour. After that, they work wirelessly with each other, and use their four onboard infrared sensors to
communicate and measure distances to objects nearby. One cube stays connected, to pass the information from the cubes to the software on your computer.Location, orientation and distance information is passed to the software, while you interact with the cubes.
The software can connect via MIDI or OpenSoundControl (OSC) to any software or hardware for music or visuals which you already have, or you can use it within your DAW (digital audio workstation) software as a VST plugin, or as a host for VST instruments to let you create sound immediately.

There is no limit on the number of AudioCubes you can use, the placement or configuration of the cubes or how you use them. For example, you could create a large setup of 16 cubes for an art installation or a live performance.

If you want, you can even use our software development kit for AudioCubes and communicate with the hardware seamlessly from within your own software or Max/MSP.
These possibilities for interaction can stimulate and empower artists to create new and unique work, whether it be in the studio, in live performances or in art installations.
Such an interface is called a Tangible Interface, and because there were none available that worked without complicated setup and were portable and affordable, PERCUSSA decided to create AudioCubes."

More info here

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