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domingo, 17 de novembro de 2013

Photos of children and animals that encourages therapy through animals

Photos of children and animals at a hospital in Michigan that encourages therapy through animals. 

In September 1956, LIFE photographer Francis Miller visited the children at the University Hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan, to document the hospital’s animal therapy program, which had already been in operation for over 30 years.

At the time, the hospital treated about 3,000 children every year, and the staff operated a “perpetual animal show” to help ease their pain and anxiety.

So wonderful, anything that can put a smile on the face of a kid in hospital is more than worthwhile!

A nurse brings a puppy to a child. Source

A nurse helps a child cuddle a duckling in a towel. Source

Nurses help the kids bathe a baby pig. Source

A little girl looks at a pool of ducklings while receiving tests. Source

A little girl is held up to pet and feed a kitten. Source

1956, by Francis Miller for LIFE.

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