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sexta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2010

Interesting gadget: Sound Space

Hi all!
Recently, I found an interesting gadget developed by Casa da Música (House of Music, Oporto) that seems useful to people with special needs. It makes possible to play music through potentiate all the movements of the body.
I would like to share with you.

"SoundSpace is a virtual electronic instrument that makes sounds in motion carried in a given space. SoundSpace is one of the most interesting proposals for the creation of the Casa da Música to the public, showing excellent results in terms of art, education and therapy.
A chorus of laughter, a trill or a full orchestra, everything can wake up with a single gesture. Through this creation of Rolf Gehlhaar moves, hears and is created in an individual case or, better still, as a group.
For those who never saw him, SoundSpace looks like an empty space. It seems because everything there is, after all, a lush sound world. Ultrasonic sensors, arranged in two adjacent sides, pick up any movement made within the area encompassed by transmitting information that are immediately transformed into sounds, rhythms, harmonies: walking can be like stepping on the keys of a piano, a race can agree on various instruments , a slight nod Wake applause.
Everything depends on the orders given to a computer that replicates an infinite variety of musical styles and sounds of all kinds.
Through its unique features, this virtual instrument inspired artists, excites the general public of all ages, and extends the possibilities of artistic achievement for citizens with special needs. Amazing vehicle of communication, allows anyone to be assumed as a performer, and no one runs the risk of making mistakes - everything that happens is progress, development and self-expression."

Awaken our imagination... :)

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